VK & TB Cleaver

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A knife for a lifetime and generations. 

With over 94 years of knife manufacturing in New Zealand we have made our first ever cleaver.

Designed and developed in conjunction with James Smith ‘The Tattooed Butcher’ and current member of the New Zealand Sharp Blacks Team. 

James & Gareth meet to discuss knives and doing something in collaboration, following the discovery of a half sheet of 5.5mm steel the decision was made to start with the biggest and boldest knife you can make... the cleaver, not just any cleaver a cleaver designed and weighted based on James knowledge and experience being the right weight and balance to work with and to last a lifetime. 

The Cleaver is made from 5.5mm German Stainless Steel and treated with the tried and tested manufacturing techniques here at Victory Knives, heat treated to 54HRC and with a half grind up the blade and fitted with a custom scales being New Zealand native wood Heart Rimu. Weighing in at 875 grams this is a solid and hardworking tool.

Victory offers a lifetime guarantee on all our knives (excluding Misuse and general wear and tear) and a bonus to those lucky enough to own the cleaver. We are offering free sharpening for its lifetime if you bring it into the factory located here in Auckland.