About Us


Victory Knives have a proud heritage stretching from 1927 until today.

Edward Goddard, a master cutler from Sheffield, England, emigrated to New Zealand and began designing and manufacturing knives in 1927. World War II was a significant period in the history of E. Goddard which became a major supplier of combat knives for the U.S. Army.

E. Goddard made and sold his knives under the brand Victory and over the many years Victory Knives have grown to be synonymous with high quality and robustness by the industry professionals who demand more than any from their tools.

All major meat and fish processing companies in New Zealand and Australia use Victory Knives and commercial divers all over the world request the Victory Knives Divers Knife.

Occasionally we get a visitor to the factory who stops by, en-route to the airport and off to the North Sea, and buys a box to trade with his mates. Or we get an email, from a diver, who has a story of survival only possible with one of our 'tools'. Or a fisherman from Bluff, or a Fireman...

Victory Knives continues to thrive today by maintaining the highest standards in manufacture and materials, building it's reputation for unsurpassed quality - at solid prices. We are nimble - if we don't have it in stock, we offer turn-around times unmatched by companies further afield. We closely collaborate with our friends in Germany - we import their steel and ensure our heat-treatment and processing is world class.

And, we're on the front foot. Low cost imports have made life tough especially having to defend our brand from direct knock-offs but we are 100% committed to staying Made in New Zealand. It's also a very exciting time with new technologies under development. In 2013 we produced the worlds first (we think) 3D printed titanium knife for Emirates Team New Zealand and we are just beginning...

So whether for sports, industry or in the home, Victory Knives have a knife superbly designed for the job and, with a little care, can last a lifetime.