Shipping & Returns



All orders have a flat rate charge of $8.99NZD to any New Zealand address, this store only sends to New Zealand address. If you have an international enquiry please contact 


All Victory Knives have a guarantee for their lifetime (this excludes misuse and normal wear) 


  • Faulty goods will be replaced at our discretion. Products that may have received damaged due to transport freight damage will be replaced subject to discussion and conclusion of point of damage. All goods are dispatched in new condition (unless otherwise stated) and carried “at limited carrier’s risk” (pursuant to the Carriage of Goods Act 1979). No claims will be accepted after two (2) days from the date of delivery. All claims must be made in writing and forwarded to


  • Any refunds are at our discretion and will only be made if Victory Knives is unable to replace faulty or damaged product that has been and is accepted by Victory Knives as a genuine and approved claim. These refunds will be made by direct credit into the verified bank account of the claimant and will be only for the value of the product claimed at the time of the purchase of that same product. No refunds will be made for any freight and/or any other costs, be they interest or legal or any other costs that may have been incurred by the claimant in the process of achieving their refund claim.