Kai Ika Collaboration Fish Set

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Collaboration Fish Set made with the team from The Kai Ika Project, The set includes all the tools the Kai Ika team have been using since 2106 to fillet and breakdown heads and frames from both recreational and commerical catch. This co-branded set includes the following.

2/307/17/115- Heading Knife

2/508/20/115- Straight Filleting Knife

2/506/22/115- Narrow Filleting Knife

2/310/30/111- Fish Splitter

TI 43R - BONUS UPGRADE Fine ProRange Red No 4 Steel

Ti65- Five Pocket Knife Wrap

About Kai Ika- The Kai Ika Project recovers and shares previously unwanted kai moana (namely fish heads and frames) with appreciative families throughout Auckland. Their professional filleting service at the OBC, Westhaven Z Pier and at fishing competitions allow the team to redistribute more of this taonga [treasured possession] into the homes and bellies of people who revere these parts of the fish. To date Kai Ika have distributed more than 149,000 kgs! 

All profits from this purchase will be donated to the Kai Ika Project to help them process and deliver more to those who he need it the most.