Tararua Wild Foundation



About the Tararua Wild Foundation

The Tararua Wild Foundation was born from an Idea from Justin Amor with the message that hunters and the hunting community need to do more and show our worth and commitment to conservation in the Tararuas by taking over the predator control in the west Otaki river catchment 150 000 Ha consisting of 1000 ground based traps working side by side with Doc and the community

The reintroduction of Blue Ducks ( Whio) and Kiwis back into the Tararuas

The Kiwi and Whio disappeared out of the Tararuas by mid70’s due to introduced pests like the stoat. A simple plan while surrounding myself with the right people at the right time is everything.

Timing could not be better than now. With the ending of the Kara Corridor project now finished which consisted of 1080 drops over a 10 year period with the Otaki catchment.

Bottom line if you don’t like 1080….what are you doing about it? Because having a sticker on your ute or protesting hasn’t done much before so why do you think it will now?



  • Setting 1000 predator traps mainly doc200 double sets

  • Detailed program annalist and reports to verify progress

  • Boots on the ground and not aerial poisoning 

  • Finding mutual ground and passion of others & work as one



  • Increased awareness and importance of hunter conservation

  • Harnessing passion through action and making a difference

  • Hunters worth

  • The end of the Kara project, this continues on the back of it 

  • Reduction of 1080 in our back country

  • Ground trapping gives us better kill numbers of predators



  • September 2020 track clearing and marking plus GPS traps

  • It has been indicated to me by Doc that the predator control will need to run for 1 and half to 2 years before the reintroduction on who then kiwis thereafter. Timing and information on kiwis tbc

  • 6 trap lines totalling 1000 traps will be rebaited and checked every 3 weeks and has no end date, only expansion 

  • By end December the first 200-250 traps in place and monitored 

How can you help?

Victory Knives has created a limited run of Tararua Wild Foundation knives, engraved with the TWF logo. All proceeds from every knife sold will be donated to TWF and all proceeds going to support releasing Whio and Kiwi back into the wild!