Chopping Board

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Wooden chopping board, Limited edition collaboration with James Smith 'The Tattooed Butcher'

Dimensions Width- 400mm Depth - 295mm

Hand made in New Zeland from recycled Rimu and Pine. Oil finished.

Cleaning your board- clean with warm soapy water and dry with tea towel (do not place in dishwasher). Leave standing upright to allow all surfaces to dry properly. Avoid leaving your board in direct sunlight. Occasionally sprinkle salt or baking soda and rub with a slice of lemon, this will combat any odour. 

Oiling your board- oiling your chopping board is essential for longevity. Oil prevents the wood from absorbing too much moisture which can cause splitting, warping and mould. Mineral (food grade) or Vegetable oil are suitable. Once you have cleaned and dried the board apply oil generously using a paper towel or soft cloth. Leave for 30 mins. to absorb and wipe off any excess.